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Banners Found

The previous post is pictures of some of the Banners found in storage. These are part of the club history and I feel they should be proudly displayed. The current club members can be proud of the club history.  #sertomaproud

Thursday Meeting 9-8-16

Weekly Sertoma meeting tomorrow at Pizza Ranch 11:30-1:00. Come out, eat lunch, meet members, there is suppose to be a program, the presenters are local people talking about some community activity. These are usually very interesting and often informative or educational. The presentations are short and some members leave as work demands. Good place to get a feel for what Sertoma is about. Also good food for lunch. Bring a friend if you would be more comfortable.

First Time Web Master

Well it is not everything I had hoped for but it is up and working……More to do, will get better… #Kevin Case said “if you do not start you will never be great”. This is the new start, watch for the great.

Old History

From the Sertoma International Web page.

“On April 5, 1912, 26 area business men attended the first organized meeting of the Stand Together Club, as referred in to the minutes. The first official luncheon, with the club now referred to as the Co-Operative Club was held on April 11, 1912 at the Coates Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri – the date and location now recognized as our founding. The founders of the first Co-Operative Club were George W. Smith, M.D., Charles E. Allen, M.D. and William R. Rowe. They are recognized as the Founding Fathers of The Co-Operator Club of Kansas City, Missouri, and Sertoma.”


Start up

This is the new web site for Emporia Sertoma.

Give me some feed back.

We always need new members, want to join and help serve Emporia?

Let me know.